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Rev. Bob Tussing and Pastor Lisa Bowersock

Bob & Lisa Discuss... Childhood Memories

Lisa:  Our Wednesday night book study group has been reading and discussing the book Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer.  The author talks about how in searching for one’s true “calling” in life, a good place to start is to take a look at what we enjoyed as children. So, the first week we met, each person in the group shared some childhood memories.  It was a fascinating walk down memory lane, and a fantastic opportunity for the group to really get to know each other better! 

Bob: My favorite childhood memories come from playing baseball and water skiing in Michigan and swimming in old limestone quarries there in NW Ohio. (I remember the water being very, very cold.) Palmer seems to indicate that if we search our childhood stories we will find clues to our adult lives. Baseball, water skiing, swimming....hmmmmm?

Lisa:  But what was it about baseball, water skiing and swimming that you liked?  Palmer talks about his own childhood.  He always loved aviation, and so he thought he would be a pilot.  He even wrote a book about aviation.  And then he realized it wasn’t aviation he loved – what he loved was writing a book about aviation – the book could have been about any number of things – what he loved was the writing.  So, according to Palmer, the key to finding where our true passions lie seems to be in starting with those things we loved as kids, and letting those clues lead us.   

Bob: OK, I loved the teamwork of baseball, especially turning a double play and how that took three players coordinating a play which took two of the opposition out. And I admit that one of the things I love best about ministry is the designing of the worship service with it's music, readings, announcements, sermon, perhaps communion or a baptism. So, what in your childhood is a key to your vocation as an adult?

Lisa:  Well, I loved putting on “shows” in the basement for the neighborhood kids!  Even though I was really shy, I loved drawing people together for a shared experience.  I ended up as a theatre major in college and I definitely see how my theatre background comes into play in many things I do as a minister. I still love that “shared experience”!

Bob: Do you think maybe all of the water skiing that I did as a kid has influenced my love of Baptism??

Lisa:  I think you are stretching a bit with that one. :)