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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

February 21, 2014


Things change.

The other day I noticed in the newspaper that Yoko Ono just had a birthday and I see that she is 81. This surprised me because I didn’t see how anyone who essentially came out of the Rock & Roll era (take note: I don’t consider Yoko a rocker but she came out of that era) could now be 81 and if she is THAT old, how old could I possibly be?

I recall the first time I took note that I had a Great Grandmother who was in her 80’s. That seemed like a Methuselah’n age. Now I’m looking at a rock era great grandmother.

Things change.

A couple weeks ago, we were talking in Breakfast Club 2/4 about a rock & roll guy who came from the Dearborn area in Detroit. The time period was the early 1970’s; and this singer/songwriter named Sixto Rodriguez, who lived and worked in the Dearborn area, put out a couple albums. That was 40 years ago.

This coming Sunday, Breakfast Club will meet again and our topic will be 30 Days/Muslims and America. We’ll follow a Christian who lives and worships in this Muslim community for 30 days. And it’s interesting to note that the focus of the discussion will be in Dearborn, which is now the epicenter of the American Muslim community in America. It wasn’t 40 years ago.

Apparently Dearborn originated with Polish Immigrants; somewhere in the later years a fellow named Rodriguez was a part of the community, and today 40 years beyond Rodriguez it is mainly Muslim.

Rock & Roll icons age and become the age of my great grandmother. Communities change and morph from one ethnic group to another; it seems as if it’s in the blink of an eye.

But, it’s 40 years or more. I hope our high schoolers take all this in stride when we talk about it in a few days. I imagine they will and it will be interesting to see if they even wonder why this should be an issue to discuss. After all…change is a constant for them.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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