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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

March 14, 2014


I stockpile things to read when I travel.

Years ago, I would always have a paperback or two and several magazines to take on the plane. I learned to quickly peruse the magazine rack in the first class compartment as we, in steerage, passed through to the back of the plane.

Today, I can load up (or download) my iPad or Kindle with more books than one could possibly read on five trips around the globe. Even if I fly to California, I have enough to read for a week; though the total flight time is maybe six hours.

I almost always carry a book or e-book by Paul Theroux whose travel writing has inspired me for decades. Still does. Newspapers. I’ll download various articles from the Washington Post or New York Times. Lately I have tried to download Lonely Planet travel guides on my Kindle but I find them to be much less satisfying than having the travel book itself in my hands. And I always want to have sufficient articles or books on my destination to make me feel like I am really investigating that destination and not just passing through.

Which brings me to this June and how you can play a part in it.

For two weeks in June, I am taking a trip that I have wanted to do for 20 years. I am going to England to visit Cathedral towns. Lincoln, York, Liverpool and many more. I’ll be in London to tour the great cathedrals of that city with an emphasis on Christopher Wren designed churches (along with St. Paul Cathedral, which he designed). I’ll keep a blog and you can travel with me.

I’ll take the train. I have a Britrail pass. I’ll get on. I’ll hop off. I’ll scope out the cathedral, eat at a pub (though the thought of bangers and mash, is not appealing), go to my B&B and leave the next day. I am as excited about just traveling on the train through the English countryside as I am about experiencing the great Gothic cathedrals. (Take note: Liverpool does not have a Gothic cathedral, both are quite “new;” but it does have two cathedrals, the International Slavery Museum, the Mersey Ferry… and I might look into the history of a little known British band that was born there.)

What I want to read, while I am on the train, sitting in the pub, sitting in the coffee shop around the corner from the cathedral is… English history. What would be just right for me to immerse myself in as I travel for those two weeks?

Do you have any suggestions of books or articles that would enlighten me? Remember, the topic is: English History. If so, email me with those suggestions. Give me book or the link to an article on English history or current events that would help me on my way.

Give me your suggestions.   rctuss@sbcglobal.net

I’ll let you know what I take along. And in a few weeks, I might let you know what music I download on my iPod to keep me going.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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