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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

March 28, 2014


The first non-picture book which I read was probably The Adventures of Old Mr. Toad. If I recall correctly, there was a picture of old Mr. Toad and some of his other animal friends at the beginning of each chapter; but otherwise it was very cool to read a book that did not have pictures, and I remember thinking this was very “grown-up” of me.

I had a ton of Little Golden Books as a child, and lots of other kids’ books. The publishing of children’s books was hardly the mega-corporate endeavor that it is today. But, I am aware that the more I read… well, the more I read. And that had positive results for the rest of my schooling too.

There is lots of talk and legislation about school content and common core and whatnot. I will give credit to all who attempt to ensure that our educational system meets high standards.

Recently I had a church member who works at Daniel Wright Elementary off of Case Road in Dublin talk to me. Daniel Wright as a very diverse student population. About half are Economically Disadvantaged. A third of the students have limited English Proficiency… i.e., a large number of immigrant students. And the staff and PTO of Daniel Wright have a simple answer: get them to read more, and more and more.

They will be giving each student of Daniel Wright five (5) books to take home with them this summer. If the kid is at Daniel Wright, he/she gets five books. They are his/hers to keep. Take them. Read them. It’s breathtaking in its simplicity.

I talked with some of our members who have children at Daniel Wright, and one of the things these parents value is that Wright Elementary has such a diverse student population. They want this exposure for their children. All these students want to excel, but learning English is a key. And with a supportive school and city, their education can only grow.

Can Dublin Community Church help? Yes, we have agreed to encourage our members to bring a book or two or five to church during April. Put it in the box in the narthex (the box marked “Books for Wright Elementary…” see how simple this is!). The staff at Daniel Wright will collate and distribute books during May.

Here are the approved suggestions. All or most can be found on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, or scour the half priced books for the titles and series. Order a few, bring them to church and see what happens.

Hot Books/Series/Authors: Chapter Books: Dork Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Amulet, any graphic novels, Magic Tree House, 39 clues, Percy Jackson, Adventure Time.
Picture Books: Pete the Cat, anything princess, super hero or Legos, National Geographic Kids Books, Sports Illustrated Kids Book, Disney books.
Try Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Deadline is May 1.

So, if they get these books, will they become even better students and thus compete with your kids for scholarships to Harvard, Ohio State, Columbus State and Berkeley? One can only hope.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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