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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

May 2, 2014


Permit me to offer a positive word about one of the most important Sundays in the church calendar. In fact, I would say that this coming Sunday is right up there behind Easter and Christmas Eve Services in importance in the life of the church.

I’m writing about Confirmation Sunday… THIS Sunday, May 4.

Perhaps I am remiss for not emphasizing it enough over the years. I can appreciate that folks might say, “Well, Bob and Lisa aren’t preaching this Sunday.” (But for others that could be a drawing card.) I can appreciate that folks might be concerned about the length of the service. (Over the past couple years we have finished in an hour and five minutes. I tend to watch carefully such things.) I can appreciate that it is now after Easter and Springtime calls.

But something else calls also. There are seven young people who have given this church every Monday night since last September for study of all-things-church-related. They have participated in the Ropes Course, been Acolytes every Sunday, led the Easter Morning Sunrise Service, taken a weekend Confirmation Retreat at Camp, and designed a banner which now hangs in the sanctuary. They went to visit other places of worship, like the Noor Islamic Center, the Macedonian Orthodox Church, Congregation Beth Tikvah Synagog, and the Roman Catholic Church in German Village. They have given of their time (and so have their families). They have juggled their sports, music and extra-curricular school activities.

So, now we ask you to give them a bit of your time. We ask you to juggle your schedules. What could be better than to witness their declaration of following Jesus and wanting to participate in the life of the church? Life gets busy, but may I suggest that this is one Sunday Service that is more important than most. Our youth are making their statement about the importance of Christ and the Church in their lives. You should be there.

I stand by my statement that this is the third most important worship service in the church calendar, but for these youth, it just might be THE most important. And… perhaps for you also.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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