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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

May 9, 2014


I’m on the Internet. I’m on Facebook. I’m on our church web page. I’ve even created a few blogs, which are out there in the “blog-o-sphere.”

Somewhere in those on-line parallel universes to our mortal existence, are supposed to be new ways of forming communities. And sometimes we actually get to experience someone’s cyber-community.

Recently I was traveling and stayed in a motel. At breakfast I took advantage of the “free breakfast” which everyone knows is not free, but it is convenient and good and the coffee is strong. I looked around the room and saw about a half dozen workingmen. They were dressed for a hard day’s work of trucking, or line crew construction or some sort of drilling. I had seen their rigs and equipment in the parking lot the night before. Skilled workers who work long and hard hours and spend time away from family.

Each of the workers sitting by themselves was scanning his smart phones, reading email and probably even Facebook pages. One man was smiling broadly as he scanned his phone.

As he went for another cup of coffee, he walked over to the four motel workers at the table next to mine. (The desk clerk, food preparer, maids). He held up his phone and said, “Who wants to see pictures of my new grandson, my FIRST Grandchild? He was born last night in Utah!”

The women responded with a chorus of “Of course!”  and “I ALWAYS  want to see baby pictures!” and “Awwwww!”

Grandpa beamed. He HAD to share it with SOMEONE and the motel staff was family for that day, before he put in a hard day of trucking. They couldn’t have been more gushing and he couldn’t have been prouder…even when one of the women said, “usually those newborns look like aliens but your grandson is a beauty!”

The trucker left quite happy; and the motel staff was for that man and that moment, the instrument of grace.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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