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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

May 31, 2014


Once again, it is the small triumphs when traveling which make (or can break) your day.

Cases in point:
The woman at the coffee shop smiled and put my coffee and muffin aside when I said I had to find the loo.

The man at the Pub acknowledged my comment that I had been waiting for a Fish & Chips dinner for weeks...by saying...."Wonderful, Happy Times!" Not sure if that is a regional expression or just the Bartender in Canterbury's way to acknowledge the mundane from a tourist.

I walked into another Pub in Canterbury and it was quite lively during the dinner hour. Nobody or nothing said to be seated or whether to order at the bar or wait for the waitstaff. So I found a table and enquired of the gentleman next to me (who was listening to music on his phone) "How does one order?"  He was polite and explained that you find your table and note its number and then go to the bar and order food and drinks...giving them your table number. Mystery solved.

I was in the Underground at Charing Cross, not certain but sorta....that I was on the right line to Paddington. A British couple with suitcases asked ME if this was the train to Paddington. I figured if we both had a hunch that it WAS the train to Paddington, then it probably was.

It was.

There's a lot of packing and unpacking but basically we are all just trying to find our way in this huge city. Ask questions, occasionally look mystified and often foolish...and you'll get through it.

Follow me as I journey through England visiting some of the great Cathedral towns, I'll have plenty of photos to share also.


Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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