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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

June 27, 2014


It is quiet, slow paddling, which I do each morning before 7 am. I know I am the only one kayaking on the lake; I rarely encounter another human.

But often I will round a cove and set a big Blue Heron to flight. They size me up and instead of acting startled, they act annoyed and sort of “snort” and activate their huge wingspan and fly away gracefully to another spot along the shore; safe in the knowledge that I won’t bother them again that morning.

The other day, I encountered a huge Blue Heron on a neighbor’s dock as I began my journey. It flew away to the other side of the bay. And I kept on my way… encountering the same Heron 10 minutes later. Off it flew on ahead around the bay. Onward I paddled, only to encounter it again; and again it flew off.

I counted. I “pushed” the Blue Heron five times on ahead as I plied the shoreline. Each time it would fly ahead, clockwise around the shore, same as I.

Finally the Blue Heron figured it out and instead of flying on ahead of me, it doubled back to the side of the lake from which we both had come. I was not going that direction any more this morning and frankly I think the Heron was tired of moving.

As a preacher, it would be tempting to make this story of the Blue Heron always flying away each time I reached it, into a story of us pursuing things which we think we need but never satisfy, like money, fame and success.

But in reality, this is just a simple story about a guy in a red kayak on a lake, who happened to be going in the same direction as a Blue Heron.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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