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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

August 15, 2014


I was expecting maybe 175 people.

I was only off by 175 people.

I'm talking about our worship service on August 3 at the Dublin Irish Festival. Back in the winter we were encouraged to be one of 6 churches that hold their worship services on the grounds of the Festival on the Sunday morning. We applied. Were accepted. Nancy Luikart said that the Strummers would jump on it. Trocair was already in on the action.

Lisa and Mike were to take a week's vacation but they delayed a day so that Mike could play with the Strummers and Lisa could deliver the message that morning with me.

Long story short... we all prepared during the spring and early summer. We had the bulletin and we just hoped it would all come together.

And indeed it did.

I received an email from a member a few days later. I asked her permission to share her thoughts and she agreed. Basically what she said was..."It was a sunny Summer morning and I did not feel like going to the Festival, I needed alone time and so I decided to stay home and have time to myself." But then her daughter and family called and said, "We are going!" And they did and here is what she wrote about coming that morning..."Lo and behold, the program was about Jesus going off for a little silence. The program of homilies, congregation, music and fun brought me back from the dragging and sour-puss feelings - to joy and happiness."

She was right. It WAS a wonderful morning. Trocair and the Strummers were never in better voice. The tent in which we worshipped was near the front entrance and hundreds came in. The sound system was excellent, the spirit was great and when we offered Communion to all who wished to come forward, we were overwhelmed. But like the scripture passage of the Loaves and the Fishes which we spoke of that morning: there was plenty and all were filled and there was much left over.

During some of the music, I was standing off to the side and Festival goers who were standing, listening to the music and preaching, kept coming over to me and asking me to include this or that in our prayers.

And... I was reminded that this WAS the Dublin Irish Festival when one of our members shook my hand during the Passing of the Peace and said, "This is wonderful Bob, but I have to leave and get to the Beer Tent!"

Indeed, she had signed up to work and that was her station elsewhere on the Festival Grounds.

It was a wonderful morning, and as I said, I was expecting maybe 175 but the unofficial count for our worship was around 350. I am not certain if we will net any new members out of our participation; but for those of us who were there, it was a delight to put our best foot and voices forward for the community, especially during the time of Communion where we welcomed EVERYONE to partake.

And everyone DID!

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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