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Weekly e-Gram for members and friends of Dublin Community Church

September 26, 2014


When I travel, I keep a small notebook in my pocket for all kinds of things: like places to see that day and train and plane times, ideas about things that I must write about and directions to this place or that. It’s rather fun when I am done with a particular journey to flip through the notes and recreate, so to speak, each day.

Back home, it’s all about making lists and then transferring those lists on to new lists as I complete the tasks.

It came to me the other day as I found myself with five mostly completed lists of things I had to do. I’ve tried several apps on my phone to keep me alerted for people to see and things to mention to folks in the office or in the church.

A couple of the apps do actually work for me. I’ll set them to alert me at say, 11 am when I am certain to be in the office or at 9:30 pm when I am certain to be home. I’ve got “Notes” and “Reminders” on my iPhone, and I tried something called “Evernote,” which is supposed to be the best, but it just sent me around in circles as I spent too much time trying to figure it out so that it could simplify my day.

The “Alarmed” app works quite well for me also. When the workday is over, I still find my pocket with five pieces of paper filled with notes. My Bible and Biblical commentaries are filled with notes and half-filled notes. So is my church office desk.

Amidst my iPhone, iPad and laptop and all the ways to keep on top of things, it still comes down to pen-written notes, and the satisfaction of writing them out and crossing them off.

And another day goes by.

Peace, Rev. Bob Tussing

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